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Discussion Group: Social Services in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

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Improving Our Service

We are looking for a small group of people who receive (or care for someone who receives) care and support from , to take part in discussion groups to help us improve our service.

We want them to tell us what they think about the care and support they have received and to share their ideas about how we can make things better.

Every year we publish a report that tells people what we have done in Social Services and how we have performed. We would like to know what you think about it and if you agree with what we are saying. Our report also sets out our priorities for the coming year, and we want you to tell us if you agree with what we think is important.

Discussion Group

The discussion group will take place on the morning of the 14th May. An organisation called Tempo will be helping us with the workshop, and as a thank you for taking part, you will be given Time Credits.

Time Credits

Time Credits are a community currency created as a way of recognising peoples contributions and thanking people who give time to their community.

They work on a simple hour for hour basis: for every hour you give, you earn one Time Credit which can be spent on an activity of your choice within our network.

This is a Time Credit!



You can spend your Time Credits at a range of venues across the UK. In Cardiff you access shows at the Wales Millennium Centre, Stadium Tour at the Principality Stadium or take the kids to Jump. In the Vale there is access to Legacy leisure centres, tickets to see your local club Barry Town United FC and coconuts soft play to name a few.

If you earn them in Cardiff and the Vale you can take your credits to spend anywhere within our large UK Network. For information on where you can spend your hard earned Time Credits and any booking information please visit

How do I get involved?

If you would like to take part in our discussion groups, please respond by e-mail to [email protected] (for the Vale of Glamorgan)
or [email protected] (for Cardiff),
before 8th May 2019. Please be aware that if you express an interest in taking part, your contact details will be passed on to Tempo so that they can contact you directly, let you know more information about the groups and the arrangements for you to attend.

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