C3SC Board Members

The C3SC Board of Trustees have legal responsibility for its overall management and decision making. Board Members are responsible for the direction and performance of C3SC, delegating duties and responsibilities to deliver C3SC’s work to staff.

paul keeping co opted as a trustee of c3sc 1

I’ve really enjoyed my time as a C3SC trustee so far, getting to know the staff team and volunteers, and starting to map out some ideas with the trustee board on how we can best support the organisation and its members.

Mo 3

I strongly feel the need to support Charitable Organisations. Having robust and professional charitable organisations is essential for effective service delivery much needed by our communities.


Anthony Thomas

Trustee; Funding Committee Chair

The third sector in Cardiff attracts individuals who are committed to their goal, so much so that they provide their support voluntarily. My aim is to help those volunteers promote their ambitions by sharing lessons learnt and my experiences of the commercial world.”


David Gill


My primary objective as a trustee is to use my experience and qualifications to support the rich, varied voluntary sector in Cardiff to grow and be sustainable in delivering services to local residents and causes.


Ginger Wiegand

Trustee; Equality and Diversity lead

I currently work for Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Wales (EYST Wales) in a research and policy role on the All Wales BAME Engagement Programme.

J 1

With the introduction of the new Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 and the launch of the Early Help Strategy, I believe the third sector’s role in providing vital services will be an invaluable resource to all, whilst working in partnership with other agencies.

CK 1

I am a founding member of the Ugandans in Wales community group. It is through this charitable work that I learned about Cardiff Third Sector Council. I was impressed by C3SC’s work in the community where I live, and I felt motivated to join the Board of Trustees. 

TP 1

Terry Price

Trustee; Business Improvement Working Group Chair

I see C3SC’s role as the key enabler for developing the third sector within Cardiff – helping and supporting its members to deliver projects and services, and acting as a key conduit between members and statutory services, funders and parts of the private sector.


I have always tried to work with people in a co-productive way, with effective and active listening being the key to providing services that reflect what people really want and need. I believe my work practice is inclusive, focusing on people’s strengths, rather than any perceived needs.


I am excited to continue to support the third sector in South Wales in the hope that I can give back to the industries which have made me the person and professional I am today.


The third sector in both Wales and overseas are central in creating change. I’m particularly passionate about the role of small charities as they are in right position and have the most accurate understanding to best support and advocate for their communities. Working for small charities in Cardiff, I have been supported by C3SC and know how valuable that help can be; I’m honoured to now be part of C3SC.


Managing your organisation can be complex and challenging. The right support can help prevent challenges turning into a crisis.

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