Participation & Engagement

Cardiff Third Sector Council is involved in several strategic partnerships.

A strategic partnership can be defined as a formal kind of partnership that brings together people from different sectors, specialisms, professions or areas of expertise in order to jointly develop policies and oversee planning.

In Cardiff, statutory and voluntary sectors recognise the value of, and are committed to, the principle of partnership: working together to plan and develop communities, and deliver a wide range of services to the people of Cardiff.

Through effective partnership working we can:

  • Create strategies and programmes that take account of the needs and interests of all relevant groups and stakeholders;
  • Improve the efficiency of service delivery by making better use of resources;
  • Address issues that cut across individual agencies and sectors so as to deliver more ‘joined up’ services that better meet the needs of individual service users;
  • Develop policies or deliver services in a way that would not be possible working separately.

Current Third Sector representation

We are working with third sector representatives to develop a new model of representation to ensure the right people are representing the broad views of the sector at the right meetings. Please complete the ‘Third Sector Representatives – selection criteria and application form

if you are interested in becoming a representative or have any questions

Please email [email protected] or call (029) 2048 5722.

A new Compact for a sustainable Third Sector in Cardiff

Partnership working is about developing new ways of working and has the potential to provide innovative and shared solutions to shared problems. One of the key ways we plan to work in partnership is through the new Compact for the Third Sector

Cardiff Partnership Board and What Matters

The responsibility for resolving the issues that most matter to people, such as reducing crime and improving public health, does not sit with one organisation alone.


The purpose of this article is to define commissioning and to describe each stage of the process. We also outline the opportunities for engagement at each stage and the support C3SC can offer through the stages of the commissioning process..


As the voice of the third sector in Cardiff, C3SC is frequently approached by bodies such as the Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff Council and NHS to respond to consultations which require third sector opinion on proposed areas of their work.

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