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Case Study: Lioness Community Project

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The Lioness Community Project were awarded the Youth-Led Grant in 2021/22 to fund a series of youth-led community wellbeing activities for the young people of Cardiff. The organisation planned to take young people to participate in activities outside of their local areas to experience other societies and cultures. The project lead noted that many young people, including girls of certain cultural and religious backgrounds, had a desire to participate in sporting activities but did not feel comfortable doing so in large groups and in public fields, but rather with their peers who share and promote similar values.

One volunteer in particular, AJ, benefitted from this project and overcame considerable barriers through his participation. AJ moved from London to Cardiff but had found it difficult to find opportunities and struggled to balance work and visiting his family back in London, the pandemic and lockdown making this situation worse for him. AJ always had an interest in music production and writing and previously supported other young people to get out of street life and into the music scene. However, AJ was not aware of formal volunteering, and alongside financial barriers, his activity within the community became more and more difficult.

The LCP reached out to AJ through community networks and were able to coach him on the best approach to volunteering and starting his own social enterprise. Together, they identified potential sponsors, funders and partners that could work with AJ and involve him in future projects. LCP also paid for participant transport to do some outdoor activities including visits at 2 museums.

The outcome of AJ’s volunteering experience was a positive one, as he now feels confident and equipped enough to run and facilitate his own projects. AJ comments on his experience and says: ‘I am so pleased I met Lioness projects. They have helped see my true potential. Looking forward to doing more project with them.’

The organisation importantly mentioned that there are still some barriers that they feel they could overcome. They would eventually like to receive long-term funding and the right support to be able to purchase Apple computers and software for music production.

However, the YLG has helped Lioness overcome other barriers, as they have been able to use some of the resources provided on the Third Sector Support Wales website, and they are currently in the process of developing a volunteering policy, as well as having some training sessions lined up with C3SC and the WCVA.

Through their project, Lioness have learnt that everyone should be given a chance to grow and a safe space to thrive if they need it. We look forward to seeing what the organisation does next!

Stay up to date with work done by Lioness Community Project by visiting their (3) Lioness Community (@Lionessproject) / Twitter.

Want to be involved in the 2022/23 Youth Led Grant fund? Visit our website page to find out how to receive funding or join our Youth Led Grant Panel! Cardiff Youth Led Grants | C3SC – Cardiff Third Sector Council

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