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Seasonal flu: protecting your staff and reducing sickness absence

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Seasonal influenza (flu) is an important disease which causes significant illness and a number of deaths every year during the winter months. As your local NHS Health Flu poster 2015Board we are writing to encourage you to help your staff who are in the risk groups for flu (listed below) have their free flu jab.

Flu vaccination is a quick, safe and effective way of reducing the risk of catching and passing on influenza. People at higher risk of serious illness from flu are eligible for free flu vaccination on the NHS. As well as the flu jab protecting these individuals, it may also make them less likely to go off sick during winter, keeping your workforce healthy and reducing absenteeism.

Main at-risk groups for seasonal flu
– People with long-term conditions, including heart, lung, kidney and liver diseases, and diabetes
– Pregnant women
– People who care for other people on an unpaid or voluntary basis, e.g. relatives in their family or work for a voluntary organisation
– Over 65s


This is taken from a letter from Dr Tom Porter, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Read more

Download a poster to display in your organisation or workplace.

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