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Sanctuary website: Help refugees and asylum seekers find you

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(via Welsh Government)

Sanctuary website: Help refugees and asylum seekers find you

I hope you are already aware that we are in the process of testing the new ‘Sanctuary’ website for Wales, to help refugees and asylum seekers understand their rights and access services*. A key part of the website is the ‘Find Help’ section. This is where people seeking sanctuary will be able to find services in their area which exist to support them. The Sanctuary website will feature services which are wholly or mostly for people seeking sanctuary (though it will also include details of where mainstream services can also be found). During our first phase of user testing, one of the most common issues was that people could not find services which they knew existed in their area. Therefore, I am asking for your help to make your services visible on the website as soon as you’re able. 
We have developed an innovative partnership with the Dewis website so that services uploaded on that platform will automatically appear on the Sanctuary website if they are wholly or mostly for this group. To add a service / resource to the Dewis database please follow the guidance at this link… 
When adding your resource / service you will see this option on the Description of Service form… 
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For your service to appear on the Sanctuary website, you must have selected ‘refugees or asylum seekers’ from this drop down list. 
If you provide a Wales-wide service from drop-in centres in different areas of Wales, we suggest that you upload these services as separate resources. By doing so, you will be able to provide your address to better enable refugees or asylum seekers to find you. The Sanctuary website uses a location-based search (see below) to help users to find services. So this means, if you have separate offices in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Wrexham – it would be better to upload four separate ‘resources’ rather than 1 national service. 
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If you run a Wales-wide website or phone service, we suggest you upload this as a national resource. 
If you could let us know when you’ve added a resource via [email protected] we would appreciate it, as we’ll be able to monitor how many services are now accessible. 
Thank you with your continued support. We hope to publish the website during the week commencing 29 April but there is a fair amount of development yet to be done. 

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