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Cardiff Third Sector Council networks offer you the opportunity to meet with people who have similar goals, aspirations and concerns. You can join as many networks as you like and membership is free. One of the benefits of becoming a member of the network is that you also become a member of C3SC.


When you become a member of a network, you will:
  • Access relevant information
    The network will keep you up to date with news and information relevant to your field of work. So, for example, if you want to engage in community safety initiatives, we’d encourage you to join the Cardiff Safer and Cohesive Communities Network; if you want to be kept informed about the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s work, Cardiff Health and Social Care Network is for you.Whatever your area of interest, these networks are here to equip you and keep you informed.


  • Enjoy networking opportunities
    Do you want to find out how your work fits into ‘the bigger picture’ and who else in Cardiff is delivering similar services to you? C3SC network events provide a great opportunity to meet and share ideas with other members of the network. The events put you in touch with the people you need to talk to.


  • Maximise your influence and have your voice heard
    C3SC gathers the opinions and experiences of the third sector through many different means: from our network events to providing third sector representation to statutory meetings. This allows C3SC to ensure that the third sector’s voice is represented at strategic and planning meetings. The networks allow you, as part of the third sector, to have your say on important issues that affect you and your area of interest.


So, take a look at our list of networks – select the ‘Networks’ tab above to see which ones fit your work best. You can join as many networks as you like, signing up is easy and membership is free. Email [email protected] if you would like to become a membet of one of our networks.


Terms of Reference

We have consulted with our networks to develop Terms of Reference, which are set out below. The networks are committed to:

• Recruiting members to the network so that it represents a broad cross-section of groups and organisations in the City, in order to reflect its diversity.

• Finding out about the work of other third sector organisations in Cardiff, sharing information and best practice, and exchanging ideas with colleagues both within and across sectors.

• Developing an annual plan of priorities on which to campaign and influence the development of better services, identify and address gaps in services and take forward opportunities for joint working and to influence local, national and regional policy.

• Enhancing local policy-making as part of a collective voice for the third sector in Cardiff.

• Considering reports and other data in order to create a robust evidence base to influence local policy-making.

• Considering the issues for third sector organisations raised by members and refer these to Cardiff Third Sector Council for action where appropriate.

• Commissioning research as appropriate to develop sector-wide or organisational responses to service priorities and social policy.

To find out more about any of the networks above, please contact Anna Ros-Woudstra, Participation and Engagement Coordinator, by emailing “>[email protected] or calling her on (029) 2048 5722.

Getting Started
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C3SC’s Community Platform is a free virtual social network for residents of Cardiff to follow discussions on various social and or business topics, get support to run or start a project, Community Interest group or charity, find funding, share documents and photos, follow and meet new friends, find jobs and volunteering opportunities, find, rate and provide your feedback to us and other organisations.

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C3SC’s Community Platform is a free virtual social network for residents of Cardiff. Register now to share your views, contribute to your community and provide your feedback to us and other organisations.

Please note that C3SC cannot take responsibility for the information other organisations produce, for example, in their resources, and on their websites. The views of other organisations are not necessarily the views of C3SC.

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