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Case Study: Grange Pavilion Youth Forum

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The Grange Pavillion Youth Forum were awarded Youth-Led Grant funding last year in order to produce a series of filmmaking lessons for young people. The organisation taught young people how to use a basic video camera, how to frame and tell stories through certain shots and camera angles, as well as allowing them to shoot mini film sequences and interviews.

Grange Pavillion picked videos/photos and looked at campaigns that they thought were powerful, and then proceeded to discuss why that content in particular worked so well. This then influenced Grange Pavillion when picking a subject for their own campaign film using issues the group were passionate about.

However, Grange Pavillion faced financial barriers in getting the expertise and equipment for young people and volunteers to have an introduction to photography and filmmaking. The aim of the project was to bring in a local professional to train the young people and show them how to handle the equipment; but this required Grange Pavilion Youth Forum to have the film-making and photography equipment for the young people to train on.

The organisation used the funding from the Youth Led Grant to purchase equipment for young people to use and worked with a local partner to identify and deliver filmmaking sessions at the Grange Pavilion, which allowed them to use the space, cover expenses and provide equipment for the sessions to be fruitful and engaging for the young people. The project allowed them to build bridges between young people from different backgrounds and encourage them to unite and tell stories that they care about to further engage with the community. The project has also given them increasing responsibility for writing, editing and filming the content, and making decisions on content and technical changes. This has made the volunteer experience better for individuals.

WCVA and C3SC resources were also able to help Grange Pavillion with guidance on safeguarding matters and engaging effectively with volunteers; Grange Pavillion also joined a few training sessions which were provided on these subjects.

The organiser of Grange Pavillion Youth Forum, Shoruk Nekeb, says: ‘We want to thank the Youth Panel for allowing us to create an environment of creativity and realise our ambition of putting on filmmaking sessions which we will use as a starting point of creating more content so more young people can get involved in telling stories, producing content and films.’

Grange Pavillion have used these sessions as a starting point for young people to develop their filmmaking skills and utilise them in increasing the profile of the Youth Forum and creating social media content to advertise who they are and capture the work that they do, as well as hoping to create a sustainable communications group who can develop these skills and work with other young people to produce more films and content for the Youth Forum.

Stay up to date with work done by the Grange Pavillion Youth Forum by visiting their GP Youth Forum Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Want to be involved in the 2022/23 Youth Led Grant fund? Visit our YLG website page to find out how to receive funding or join our Youth Led Grant Panel!

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