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WCVA Trusted Charity self-assessment free course

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Find out more about the Trusted Charity self-assessment process and quality mark at our free introductory workshop.

TC 700 E

23 October 2019, Cardiff – Delivered through the medium of English

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This workshop will improve your understanding of Trusted Charity, the process and benefits of undertaking the self-assessment and the key points to consider if you are interested in applying for the Trusted Charity Quality Mark.


Do you need to strengthen your governance, manage risk, deliver better services for users, improve operating practices and demonstrate outcomes? Trusted Charity can help you achieve all of this and more!

For many organisations in Wales “Quality” can mean a variety of things. We will discuss the importance of quality in design and delivery of programmes and governance in an organisation, and specifically focus on the Trusted Charity Self-assessment process and Trusted Charity quality mark.

There are hundreds of third sector organisations in Wales who have been involved with and achieved PQASSO (before it was rebranded as Trusted Charity) and have seen the positive impact on their delivery and good practice both internally and externally.

This is a 2hour information session, with interactive mini workshops, will help you understand the structure of the self-assessment process and get you thinking about the areas that you will need to work on internally to improve your services and practice.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

• Increase your understanding of Trusted Charity

•  Understand the benefits of using Trusted Charity

• Understand the Trusted Charity Mark assessment process

• Know how Trusted Charity can help support organisations to become more resilient & sustainable.

Who this course is for

Anyone from a registered charity who is considering using Trusted Charity as their quality standard of choice.

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