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Engagement and Accountability Group – application forms for carers representatives – DEADLINE: FRIDAY 29 NOV

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On Wednesday 25th September the stakeholder reference group for developing the Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers Engagement and Accountability Group met.


The aims of the meeting were to:


  • Agree Terms of Reference for and composition of the Engagement and Accountability Group
  • Agree mechanism for partner organisations to nominate a relevant frontline member of staff or carer to participate in the Group
  • Agree a suggested agenda, venue and format for the first meeting of the group


As a result of feedback from given at the meeting the Terms of Reference for the Group have been amended.


During the meeting, Welsh Government advised that they require the group to have members as follows:


  • 2 members from Children in Wales’ Young Carers Network
  • Up to a maximum of 5 places for carers identified through All Wales Forum’s Regional Partnership events
  • 7 Regional Partnership Board representatives (places will be offered to them but there is recognition that all may not accept)
  • A representative from a from a hospice or bereavement organisation
  • A representative from a drug and alcohol organisation
  • A representative from a mental health organisation

The Stakeholder group agreed the following additional members:


  • 4 members to represent primary and secondary care (nomination process supported by LHBs)
  • 1 Social Worker (nomination process supported by Social Care Wales)
  • 3 members of frontline staff who support carers (nomination process supported by COLIN)
  • 5 additional carer representatives (nomination process supported by third sector organisations)


All nominees to the group are expected to be connected to a wider network and therefore be able to genuinely represent a broad range of individuals. To enable this, Carers Trust Wales will ensure that connectivity is mapped as part of the nomination process.


During the meeting it was agreed that the group should be between 20 and 25 members maximum with the expectation that the group would co-opt members or invite observers to particular meetings or to support specific areas of work as appropriate.


Therefore, Carers Trust Wales will approach organisations with the specified areas of expertise detailed above to nominate members. It is our expectation that these organisations can nominate either carers or frontline professionals to join the group as appropriate.



The nomination process and forms for carers are available and should there be more nominees that places on the Engagement and Accountability Group members will be appointed based on their ability to represent a network and to connect their involvement in the group to a wider audience.


All nomination forms must be returned to [email protected] no later than Friday 29th November. As above, Welsh Government will then make a decision on the most appropriate members based on ensuring that the group is as representative as possible.


All members will be notified of their successful appointment by email w/c 9th December.  All membership of the group is voluntary and unpaid.

The first meeting is expected to be held in Cardiff on either Wednesday 22nd January or Thursday 23rd January. There will be Skype facilities arranged so that those appointed to the Group are able to join remotely should they so wish.

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