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Download the Covid-19 Group – Guide to Risk Assessment

It is important to look identify, reduce and review risks if you have formed a group to help the community deal with Corvid-19.

When you do this it is called risk assessment and the plan a risk plan. During the current Covid-19, there are many informal groups that need to take simple and reasonable steps to reduce the risk to both volunteers and the people your group are helping in the community. Ask your group to identify someone who feels confident in writing the risk assessment and the risk plan and who has some experience.

Your group must keep people safe. This means taking a ‘reasonable’ approach and not to impose unrealistic demands on volunteers or the group but. A risk assessment involves:

  1. 1.Identify the potential risks or hazards
  2. 2.Putting in place measures for reducing the risks
  3. 3.Share and talk about the risks and the measures you want to take.
  4. 4.Review and make changes to your risk plan with the whole group.

Download the guide by clicking on the link above. 



Covid-19 Group – Guide to Risk Assessment.odt

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