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Youth Cymru Opportunities

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(Via Youth Cymru)

We have some very exciting opportunities for young people to engage in exciting consultation currently running through Youth Cymru all across Wales.

Y7 Summit

First we have the Y7 Summit. The G7 are asking for young people’s views. This is their chance to get involved in international decision making. Each year the G7 holds a ‘youth summit’ where youth delegates from each country come together to negotiate on policy proposals to protect and enhance young people’s futures.

This year the topic is inequality. This is split into four key areas: economic, gender, environmental and technological inequalities. The UK’s youth delegates want to work with other young people across the UK to find out what their views are on this topic, and how we should tackle inequalities to build a fairer society.

We want the young people you work with to contribute to this work, and have their voices represented internationally. First, at the G7’s youth summit, and then subsequently the G7 summit itself.

They have until May 13th 2019, and they can do this in two ways. Firstly, by filling in this survey: and secondly, by getting involved with a consultation event which we can organise with you. Fill in the form below to arrange a consultation event and meet 1 of the 4 Youth representatives of the Y7 UK group.


Votes at 16

As part of a 2 year research project looking at the voting age debate across the UK we are looking at putting on a series of focus groups in order to understand both young people’s attitudes to lowering the voting age and the issues that they associate with it.  The focus groups will be facilitated by the Votes at 16 research team and will be based on a workshop format.  Initial ice breaking exercises and questions will establish the level of support for lowering the voting age and general attitudes to political engagement within the group.  Facilitators will then introduce key lines of discussion and debate such as the extent to which young people feel prepared to vote, who has responsibility for ensuring they are prepared to vote, how important they consider lowering the age of franchise to be (or not) and how this links to other age based rights restrictions.  We are interested in the extent to which young people link voting rights with wider ideas of citizenship, how voting fits into their perceptions of ‘politics’ and general transitions to adulthood.  We are keen to run a series of focus across Wales and we are particularly interested in running them with young people whose voices are often excluded from the political debate as it is a chance for their views to be heard directly by policy makers both in Wales and at a UK wide level.

The groups normally involve 6-8 young people of ages 14-21 (although we are quite happy to interview younger groups) and last around 30-40 minutes.  We are interested in hearing a diverse range of young people’s opinions on these topics including supporters and opponents of voting age reform and the politically disengaged.’

Votes at 16 Research Team; (Professor Jon Tonge, University of Liverpool), (Dr Andy Mycock, University of Huddersfield), (Dr Tom Loughran, University of Huddersfield).’ Please register interest via form below.

Green Action

We are carrying out research to help us develop a project centred around Green Action. The project will feature a focus group of young people that will play an important part in shaping our proposal to a potential funder. Our hope is to support young people to improve the environment through social action – or green action – whilst also allowing them to develop valuable skills, experience and increased wellbeing. We can only do this with the support of people like yourselves.

We are looking to engage in some last minute consultation sessions. Before the end of this week. If this is not possible we would really appreciate you working with young people to help them fill out our online form and answer a few questions. The online consultation can be found here.

If you have any availability for consultation this week, feel free to contact me direct via mobile on 07776 685 367 to arrange a consultation. We estimate the consultation to be around 30 – 40 minutes.

Big Ideas Wales: Be Your Own Boss

Here at Youth Cymru we were given invitation to a proposal to undertake task and finish consultation to capture the views and thoughts of young people across Wales, drawing conclusions of these findings to inform service delivery and a youth entrepreneurship action plan through Big Ideas Wales.

We’re looking to meet with young people all across Wales to understand their needs when it comes to “being your own Boss” running successful businesses and what barriers stand in the way of young Entrepreneurs today in Wales.

Please fill out the form below or contact myself or my colleague [email protected] direct to arrange a session.


Please see the registration for all consultations below!

South Wales Police Representative Workforce Week

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