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New Dementia Friendly Website

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(Via Dementia Friendly Cardiff) 

New Dementia Friendly Website


Dementia Friendly Cardiff is creating a new dementia friendly website where information to support those affected to live well with dementia will be featured.

It will also be used as a vehicle to promote businesses that are part of the project and the work they are doing to support those affected by dementia gain access to their business.

They want your input to ensure that the website helps support those living with Dementia with their information needs as well as enhancing the City as a Dementia Friendly environment.

The consultation period is between the 1 – 31 May.

Please find below links to the snap surveys that can also be shared. There are 3 individual surveys – one for those living with dementia, one for partners engaged in dementia related work and one for businesses. 

This information is also available through Cardiff Council’s website

Welsh Living:

English Living:

Welsh Business:

English Business:

Welsh Partners:

English Partners:


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