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Introducing Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s strategy map

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Here is a message from Professor Adam Cairns, Chief Executive and Maria Battle, Chair – Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

26 June 2015

Dear Colleague,

Re: Introducing the UHB’s Strategy Map

On behalf of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board we are delighted to introduce you to our new mission statement: Caring for People, Keeping People Well’ and our vision, that within 10 years:

A Person’s Chance of Leading a Healthy Life is the Same Wherever they Live and Whoever they Are’.

We have been working with staff, people who use our services and partner agencies, to shape our strategy and realise our vision, which focusses on empowering people and delivering outcomes that matter to them.

Our strategy has been developed to reflect the challenges we currently face and recognises that our population has changed substantially since the NHS was born. There are more people, we are living longer, people aged 60 or over make up nearly a quarter of Britain’s population and half of those aged over 60 have at least one long term condition. The needs of our population are therefore changing and the way we deliver health care must adapt to meet these needs, whilst responding to the ongoing advances in medical science.

To help visualise the commitments we are making we have produced a Strategy on a Page’ setting out the path we will follow to deliver our vision (attached for your information). It shows what we are doing for:

  • Our Population: delivering outcomes that genuinely matter and that are meaningful to the people we serve. 
  • Our Service Priorities: offering services which deliver the improvements in population health that our citizens are entitled to expect.
  • Our Sustainability Plans: joining up what we do for the people we serve, striving for excellence in the way we work and making the best use of the resources we have.
  • Our Culture: working better together across the care sectors, valuing people and harnessing innovation and technology to make this a great place for patients and staff.
  • Our Values:behaving with care, responsibility, treating each other with kindness, trust, integrity and respect.

Prioritising is always very difficult in an organisation this complex. We know if we try and improve everything we do at the same time, we are likely to achieve very little by spreading ourselves too thinly.

We have identified our service priorities by considering how we best meet our obligations to Welsh Government and the population we serve and using research and best practice to consider what we believe will have the biggest positive impact for our population over the coming years. You can find out more about the Heath Board’s wider strategic direction via

Much has already been achieved as we work towards our vision, including improvements to our estate, with major investments in a new Adult Mental Health Unit and the recent opening of the second phase of the Children’s Hospital for Wales. We are also proud of the many improvements in provision, especially in the areas of diabetes care, cancer treatment and stroke services and crucially in strengthened community and neighbourhood working across the Cardiff and Vale area.

In summary, we hope that we are demonstrating that our strategic direction balances honesty about the challenges we face with a confidence that we can address them, so that we can continue to deliver prudent, sustainable care in collaboration with the people we serve and all our partners. This is why we continue to pursue a programme of conversations with community and partner organisations and the public at large about the challenges and choices being faced by the UHB. We are also committed to working ever more closely with neighbouring Health Boards as we develop the specialist services our populations will need in the future.

We would be very pleased to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to share your views or invite us to attend a meeting to facilitate such a conversation, please contact Rhian Floyd (e-mail: [email protected] or telephone:029 2074 5682).

We are keen to share our vision and strategy as widely as possible and would be very grateful for your assistance with circulating this letter and the Strategy on a Page’ to as many of your colleagues, staff, service users and wider networks as possible.

Yours sincerely                                                              

Professor Adam Cairns                                                 Maria Battle

Chief Executive                                                             Chair


You can view the strategy map at

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Tender opportunity: Cardiff Children’s Contact Service
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On Board – July 2015

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