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Without blood donations from members of the public, hospitals across Wales could not be supplied with the blood stock they need to care for patients.

In Wales, hospitals require 350 donations every day to save those in life threatening conditions and improve the quality of life for patients suffering with blood specific illnesses. Alex, 27 from Cardiff, shares her experience of donating blood and why it’s important to get involved if you can.

“When I was younger, my mother used to donate blood regularly; it always fascinated me and I knew growing up it was something I wanted to do. It was one of my bucket list goals!

“I know that not everyone can give blood so to me, I think it’s really important that because I can, I should, as you never know who might need it.”

Booking a donation session is simple, and Alex is able to squeeze a donation in to her working day;

“I really enjoy donating blood; you are helping people without actually doing too much and the free biscuits are a plus!

“Especially in Cardiff, there are a lot of appointments in different locations that coincide with my donation timeframe.

“The staff are always really friendly, and take the time to talk everything through with you if you have any questions, they are also very helpful if you are feeling unwell, or can advise on how you should take care of yourself after your donation.

“The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes, but can vary depending on the person and how you feel after the appointment. In my experience, it has always been relatively simple and seamless, I also tend to donate blood in my working day – going after lunch to an appointment and then back to the office.

“The Welsh Blood Service are also great with sending reminders when you can donate again – which I find really helpful.”

With Alex’s fourth donation coming up in only a few weeks’ time, she highlights how important it is to encourage friends and family to donate blood if they can;

“I completely understand that there is a criteria to meet to donate blood and I also understand the other reasons people may have for not donating (e.g. Being afraid of needles or blood etc). Also, if you are nervous and have any questions about giving blood, or aren’t able to give the full amount, the colleagues there to support you and anything you do donate will help.”

All adults are encouraged to give blood. In some instances, there may be reasons why you may not be able to, but anyone who fits the below criteria may be able to donate:

·    Aged 17-66 (for your first donation)

·    Weigh over 50kg (7st. 12lbs.)

·    Healthy and not subject to medical exclusions

You can check If you’re eligible to give blood by taking this short quiz here.

If you want to donate blood, check out the upcoming donation session times, dates and locations here: WBS Booking (

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