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Help us get the new Care Worker Card to workers not on our Register

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As a leader in the social care sector in Wales, we would be grateful for your help in making unregistered workers aware that they can sign up for a new Care Worker Card.

You may already know that the Care Worker Card is the new version of a card we first launched last April to recognise social care and childcare, play and early years workers as key workers and to provide some benefits, like preferential shopping arrangements. That card ceases to be valid from 1 May 2021.

As with the original card, the new Care Worker Card is for everyone employed in a care role in Wales, not only those on our Register.

And that is where we need your help. We would be grateful for your support in raising awareness of the availability of the Care Worker Card to workers in your organisation, or through commissioned services, who may not be on our Register of Social Care Workers. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • social work support workers
  • shared lives support workers
  • foster carers
  • personal assistants.

Please forward this link to people in your teams who are not on our Register so they can get their Care Worker Card. They can get the digital card by signing up here.

The card must not be used by anyone else. All card holders should be prepared to use the card alongside a form of photo ID, such as a driving licence or a workplace pass. This will allow organisations to verify their identity, if necessary.

The Care Worker Card is different to the original card as it provides access to a cashback card, as well as a variety of retail offers, through Discounts for Carers.

Care Worker Card holders can use it as proof of their employment in the care sector in Wales if they decide to apply for a cashback card from Discounts for Carers. Information on how to sign-up for what is on offer can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

We have linked up with Discounts for Carers because cardholders told us in a survey last autumn that the additional benefits they would value the most would be retail offers.

We firmly believe everyone who works in care in Wales deserves to enjoy similar benefits to key workers in other professions, like the emergency services and health, irrespective of the size of organisation they are employed by.

But this is not just a card for the pandemic. It is something more long-term. It reflects the fact our care workers are key workers performing a critical role in supporting people in every community in Wales 24/7, year-in year-out, not just in a crisis like the pandemic.

As well as the cashback card and retail offers, card holders will have access to existing preferential shopping arrangements at certain supermarkets where those still apply. We will also continue letting card holders know of any resources, such as mobile applications, they can use to help maintain their physical and mental well-being during and after this pandemic.

Even though the new card is only available as a digital version, those without a smartphone can still get the same benefits if they have an e-mail address and access to the internet. This is explained in the Frequently Asked Questions.

You and your staff have been doing excellent work over this extended period of crisis and are continuing to do so. We recognise this and appreciate it greatly. Through your great work, you have helped the public view the care sector with new respect and gratitude.

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