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FINAL Week for the Citizens UK Hate Crime Survey

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(Via Citizens Cymru Wales) 

FINAL Week for the Citizens UK Hate Crime Survey


This week is the final week for the Citizens UK hate crime survey. The survey is a major part of our national campaign to reform hate crime laws, including making misogyny a hate crime, and securing stronger protections against Islamophobia.

This survey has the potential to be one of the biggest studies of hate crime in the UK, which would mean that decision makers would have to take our recommendations very seriously. But to get to that level we need at least another 500 responses.

We’ve had great responses from some places and organisations.  But for now, we remain far behind our target.

For this final week, could I please encourage you to share with your key contacts and members who are fired up about hate crime to get the survey out? It will also help if you or your contacts could not just send out the survey, but then follow up, to see if people need any support, and to make sure they are completing the survey.

The survey link is

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