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Expressions of Interest for “Unpaid Carer Champions” to Join the New Adult Services Innovation & Transformation Forum

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Expressions of Interest for “Unpaid Carer Champions” to Join the New Adult Services Innovation & Transformation Forum.

Cardiff Adult Service is establishing an Innovation and Transformation Forum under its Section 16 duty (formerly referred to as a Section 16 Forum) following recent engagement with Section 16 service providers, unpaid carer representatives and service users.

The Code of Practice for Part 2 of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act and the guidance for Part 9 have been redrafted to provide clearer and stronger requirements for implementing the Section 16 duty.

The duty requires local authorities to promote social enterprises, co-operatives, user-led services and other third sector organisations for the provision of care and support and preventative services.

To help develop the Forum and ensure that Unpaid Carers are appropriately represented on the Forum and are supported to become actively engaged in shaping how the forum develops, Adult Services, in partnership with C3SC and with support from Housing & Communities is seeking to “appoint” Unpaid Carer Champions to represent the interests of Unpaid Carers for the following cohorts of service users:

  • Adults with a Learning Disability
  • Older People / People with a Physical Disability
  • Adults with Mental Health Needs / Substance Misuse issues

The purpose of the Forum is set out in the Terms of Reference that are attached at Appendix A.


It is intended that the Forum will work towards planning and supporting workshop events that will bring providers and commissioners together around specific commissioning opportunities.  The Forum will support the involvement of up to three  Unpaid Carer Champions for each of the above service user cohorts listed above. It is envisaged that the Unpaid Carer Champions will share the responsibility of attending meetings/ events so that there is a minimum of one Unpaid Carer Champion representing Unpaid Carers for each cohort of service users at every meeting.

Additionally, up to three section 16 service provider Sector Champions are being recruited from each cohort of services to represent service providers on the Forum.

Consideration is also being given to the most appropriate way to secure representation of service users at the formative stage of the Forum.

Role Profile

The role of Unpaid Carer Champions will involve the following commitments:

  • To attend Forums which are expected to be held on a quarterly basis.
  • To provide advice and examples of innovation and good practice that supports Unpaid Carers and the people they care for.
  • To play an active role in relevant workshops, events and meetings which are arranged to involve commissioners and groups of Section 16 service providers, Unpaid Carers and service users in shaping and responding to specific commissioning opportunities to further the transformation and rebalancing of Adult Services.
  • To assist in promoting active citizen engagement and involvement in the development of services going forward.
  • Along with other Forum members, to assist in providing updates to the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Regional Partnership Board and Welsh Government as required. Appropriate support will be provided.


  • ‘Unpaid Carer Champions’ will be required to declare any conflict of interests in relation to any work they may be involved in e.g. involvement in tendering opportunities to support provider organisations.
  • ‘Unpaid Carer Champions’ will be appointed for a 1-year term in the first instance.  The operation of the Forum, including the role of Champions, will be reviewed at this point to reflect learning over the first 12 months.

Support to Undertake the Role

Unpaid Carer Champions will receive support from C3SC and the Community Wellbeing Strategy Team based in Housing and Communities within Cardiff Council. In the first instance, this will include an induction into the role and on an on-going basis it will consist of support with preparation for meetings, support during meetings and opportunities for reflection and “debriefing” following meetings. This will ensure that Unpaid Carer Champions get the most out of the role and are able to fully contribute and participate in all Forum activities.


How to Become a Sector Champion?

To be become an ‘Unpaid Carer Champion’ there is a requirement that the individual currently lives and undertakes unpaid caring responsibilities in Cardiff for  an adult with a Learning Disability, Physical Disability, Older Person or adult with Mental Health needs or Substance Misuse issues.

Prospective Unpaid Carer Champions are invited to register their interest by completing a short outline form detailing their experience and what they can bring to the role. The link to the online expression of interest template is below:

Expressions of interest will be considered by colleagues from C3SC and Cardiff Council using the following evaluation criteria:

Marking Criteria Key


Almost identical to the requirements


Meets many of the requirements


Meets some of the requirements


Little similarity


No similarity

The three individuals with the highest marks in each category will be appointed to the role.

Closing Date for Expressions of Interest: 2nd August  2024

Fore more information please click the links below:

Appendix A.pdf

Atodiad A.pdf

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