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Taking forward the Smart Data Review

31st March 2020

Westminster eForum policy conference

Taking forward the Smart Data Review


Tim Jarvis, Director, Consumer and Competition Policy, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity

Sue Daley, Associate Director, Technology and Innovation, techUK

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Morning, Tuesday, 31st March 2020

Central London


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Note: fees apply to most delegates, but concessionary and complimentary places are available (subject to terms and conditions – see below).

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The above seminar will consider the measures contained in the Smart Data Review, and next steps for their implementation – as the Government analyses feedback from the consultation on its draft proposals.

As we expect discussion on developing Smart Data Initiatives in the third sector, including latest thinking on developing standards for the storage and formatting of consumer data and the transfer of this data between organisations, I thought this would be of interest.

Those attending will discuss the Review’s key aims of:

  • accelerating the development of innovative data-driven services in consumer markets,
  • using data and technology to help vulnerable consumers, and
  • ensuring consumers and their data are protected.

Delegates will assess the extent to which the proposals and initiatives contained in the Review will meet these aims going forward.


There will be keynote addresses from:

  • Tim Jarvis, Director, Consumer and Competition Policy, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; and
  • Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity

Further confirmed speakers include:

  • Sue Daley, Associate Director, Technology and Innovation, techUK

The agenda and keynote contributions

  • The Smart Data Review – key proposals and next steps;
  • The way forward for addressing the ‘loyalty penalty’ in consumer markets;
  • Developing Smart Data Initiatives in the regulated industries – new services, competition and consumer benefit;
  • Data portability and data transfers between online platforms – next steps for collaboration and developing standards;
  • How can Smart Data Initiatives improve competition and consumer experiences in digital markets and online services?; and
  • Case study: Enabling innovation in data-driven services for consumers through the development of Open Banking standards.

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The details: areas for discussion at this conference

Data portability, innovative services, and developing Smart Data Initiatives

Delegates will consider what benefits to consumers might be realised by means of putting in place a series of Smart Data Initiatives across the regulated industries and digital markets.

The agenda will bring out the latest thinking on developing standards for the storage and formatting of consumer data and the transfer of this data between organisations – as well as next steps for adopting and implementing these standards across a range of industries.

There will also be discussion on key priorities for driving innovation in data-driven consumer-facing services, and the extent to which improved access to consumer data for third party providers will be required to enable this.

The agenda includes a case study on the ongoing implementation ofOpen Bankingstandards, with a range of new consumer-facing services which utilise consumer data being brought to market by third-party providers.

Consumer protection and tackling the ‘loyalty penalty’

The seminar takes place following the CMA’sinvestigationinto the ‘loyalty penalty’ in consumer markets, and the Government’sresponseto this – committing to further work on the part of government and regulators to take forward the CMA’s recommendations and to ‘tackle harmful business practices and deliver better outcomes for consumers’.

We expect discussion on the potential offered by proposals in the Smart Data Review to address concerns around overcharging of customers who remain with one provider for an extended period – including ways in which Smart Data Initiatives might simplify the process of comparing, and switching between, utility and service providers.

We also expect those attending to look at the Review’s proposals to develop a new ‘Open Communications’ initiative, aimed at broadening access to consumer data for third-party service providers in the communications sector, and improving the availability to consumers of data concerning service quality, network speed and coverage.

Further discussion will consider the extent to which new data-driven services might offer benefits to vulnerable consumers – including in areas such as provider switching, financial management, and comparison services.

Delegates will assess key priorities for ensuring public trust in new data-driven services – including third-party provider accreditation, data protection requirements, and restrictions on sharing data with non-accredited parties.

Competition and market dominance

Following the publication of theFurman Review into competition in digital markets and the digital economy earlier this year – and in the context of the Government’s confirmation that it intends to take forward that Review’s recommendation of a new Digital Markets Unit – we expect discussion on the state of competition in digital markets and the impact of this on consumers in those markets.

Those attending will discuss the extent to which simplifying and standardising the process of consumer data transfer between online platforms and service providers, and empowering consumers to mandate that these data transfers take place, can improve competition, choice and consumer experience in these sectors.

Next steps for policy – taking forward the Smart Data Review’s key proposals

We also expect discussion on the next steps for policymakers, regulators, businesses and other stakeholder groups in taking forward the Review’s recommendations, and on the impact of further expected policy developments.

In the context of the upcoming Consumer White Paper, those in attendance will discuss what measures should be included in this to advance the programme of work in the Smart Data Review.

The draft agenda is copied below my signature, and a regularly updated version is available to download here. The seminar is organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Westminster eForum. Follow us @WeFEvents for live updates.


We are delighted to be able to include in this seminar keynote addresses from: Tim Jarvis, Director, Consumer and Competition Policy, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity.

At this early stage, further speakers include: Sue Daley, Associate Director, Technology and Innovation, techUK.

Additional senior participants are being approached, but if you or a colleague would like to be considered as a speaker at this seminar, please contact us at [email protected]specifying the event and session where you would like to speak and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are offering to speak yourself please don’t fill in the booking form, as this will be taken as an order and you will be charged for a place subject to our T&Cs.


Westminster eForum seminars present an opportunity to engage with key policymakers and other interested parties, and are CPD certified (more details).Typically, attendees at our seminars are a senior and informed group including Members of both Houses of Parliament, senior government officialsinvolved in this area of public policy, together with media businesses, their suppliers and their advisors, digital platforms and online businesses, consumer technology companies, software and app developers, representatives of data-intensive industries including utilities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics and finance, companies involved in the development of new technologies such as AI, cyber security and data protection companies, the technology and telecoms industries, organisations and individuals representing the views of consumers and citizens, regulators, academics and reporters from the national and trade media.

Output and About Us

A key output of the seminar will be a transcript of the proceedings, sent out around 12 working days after the event to all attendees and a wider group of Ministers and officials at BEIS, DCMS, HM Treasury and other government departments; officials at the ICO, FCA, Ofcom and other agencies affected by the issues; and Parliamentarians with a special interest in these areas. It will also be made available more widely. This document will include transcripts of all speeches and questions and answers sessions from the day, along with access to PowerPoint presentations (subject to agreement with individual speakers), speakers’ biographies, an attendee list, an agenda, sponsor information, as well as any subsequent press coverage of the day and any articles or comment pieces submitted by delegates. It is made available subject to strict restrictions on public use, similar to those for Select Committee Uncorrected Evidence, and is intended to provide timely information for interested parties who are unable to attend on the day.

All delegates will receive complimentary PDF copies and are invited to contribute to the content.

The Westminster eForum is strictly impartial and cross-party, and draws on the considerable support it receives from within Parliament and Government, and amongst the wider stakeholder community. The Forum has no policy agenda of its own. Forum events are frequently the platform for major policy statements from senior Ministers, regulators and other officials, opposition spokespersons and senior opinion-formers in industry and interest groups. Events regularly receive prominent coverage in the national and trade media.

Booking arrangements

To book places, please use our online booking form.

Once submitted, this will be taken as a confirmed booking and will be subject to our terms and conditions below.

Please pay in advance by credit card on 01344 864796. If advance credit card payment is not possible, please let me know and we may be able to make other arrangements.

Options and charges are as follows:

  • Places at Taking forward the Smart Data Review (including refreshments and PDF copy of the transcripts) are £230 plus VAT;
  • Concessionary rate places for small charities, unfunded individuals and those in similar circumstances are £85 plus VAT. Please be sure to apply for this at the time of booking.

For those who cannot attend:

  • Copies of the briefing document, including full transcripts of all speeches and the questions and comments sessions and further articles from interested parties, will be available approximately 12 days after the event for £95 plus VAT;
  • Concessionary rate: £50 plus VAT.

If you find the charge for places a barrier to attending, please let me know as concessionary and complimentary places are made available in certain circumstances (but do be advised that this typically applies to individual service users or carers or the like who are not supported by or part of an organisation, full-time students, people between jobs or who are fully retired with no paid work, and representatives of small charities – not businesses, individuals funded by an organisation, or larger charities/not-for-profit companies). Please note terms and conditions below (including cancellation charges).

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31st March 2020
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