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A quick update from ProMo-Cymru

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Fersiwn Cymraeg

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A quick update from ProMo-Cymru 
We want to highlight work which may help other youth and third sector organisations and the people you work with. 

Meic Cymru 

The information, advocacy and advice helpline for children and young people in Wales run by ProMo, will be continuing to run as normal. This means children and young people can speak to a real person about any concerns they’re having via phone, text or instant message (IM). The helpline remains open from 8am-midnight every single day.  

We are publishing articles giving trustworthy information to children and young people throughout the coming weeks. 

Digital Resources for the third and youth sector in Wales #Covid-19 

ProMo has put together an exhaustive list of digital resources for youth and third sector organisations in Wales, to support better digital working during this time. This is an on-going piece of work and we welcome contributions.  

Creating Conversations 
In order to support third and youth sector organisations with digital ProMo are running a weekly webinar called Creating Conversations.   
It was great to speak to 72 different organisations last week. Based on feedback from the digital messaging session this week we’ll be discussing social media trends, tools and how usage is changing during COVID-19.  
The event will be held on:
Thursday, 09/04/20, 13:30 – 14:15
Sign up:

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COVID 19 New Funding Opportunities
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Social Distancing Posters (Public Health) for PSB partners

Please note that C3SC cannot take responsibility for the information other organisations produce, for example, in their resources, and on their websites. The views of other organisations are not necessarily the views of C3SC.

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