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Research and consultation into the employment support needs of young people with learning difficulties and / or learning disabilities in Wales

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Rehab is undertaking research and consultation into the employment support needs of young people with learning difficulties and / or learning disabilities in Wales and is asking organisations across Wales to reach out to their local networks by distributing links to their very brief Survey Monkey questionnaires aimed at young people, parents and carers and employers. They are hoping that any feedback they receive will help them design a new service which meets everyone’s needs through dialogue and direct involvement.

If any organisations wish to be involved, please could they send out or link to or use social media to point people in the direction of these links to the questionnaires:


As an introduction to Rehab:

Rehab is part of the Rehab Group (RG) of charities providing employability/skills support for people with disabilities/health conditions or otherwise disadvantaged in UK and Europe (HO in Ireland). Around 100,000 people per year receive support from Rehab Group including 15,000+ per year on employability programmes. 3,000+ find work and 300 people with disabilities are directly employed in our social enterprises (Haven Products/Haven Recycling)

Rehab member companies include: Momentum (employability/rehabilitation services to people with physical/mental health issues and LDD – including Work Choice as prime contractor in Scotland), TBG Learning (back to work programmes in Wales), Acorn (NEET support) and Chaseley Trust (residential social care).  We deliver contracts for DWP, BLF, SFA, EFA, ESF and NHS

We publish Right to Work magazine, focusing on disabled people in the workplace, aimed at raising employer’s awareness of disability issues through case studies and features on e.g. assistive technology, E&D legislation, etc

Rehab JobFit (partnership between Rehab and Interserve) delivers Work Programme and Community Work Placements as prime contractor across Wales and South West. 48,000 people supported to date (35% on ESA).

Across Rehab Group, 90% of customers have a disability/health problem including 28% with LDD.

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New report from Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Wales 2015

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