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Case study: Reflect Community Church/Centre

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Reflect Community Church/Centre recently applied for the YLG 2021-22 funding and were awarded with the funding. We are inspired by the project and what they would like to achieve in the area of Ely. 

At the moment the centre have various projects running to engage all community members: Bingo, Kids Club and various events to engage the elderly within the community. The Kids Club project is ran by two mothers within the community. The building will also hold various events/activities within a week to invite all ages into the community into a safe environment of fun. A coffee shop is also being renovated so that this building can provide people with some more spots where they can relax and get to know others in the community. This building is right in the middle of Grandavenue – a perfect place to invite youth in to a safe place where they can build relationships, find some role models to look up too and feel welcome. 

In addition to that, the project aims to be a beacon of hope within the Ely area and for the community centre to be used as a safe place for young people and members of the community. The wider vision and aim for the project is to inspire the young people and to have an “influence on their character and see there’s more to life.” 

Instead of being on the streets they have something else to do – inspiring them making them seeing there is more.  Abbie Prothero

Reflect Community Centre/Church will focus on involving the young people in how the building will be used within the community. We are excited to see how the project develops and the impact it will make in the local area.

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