Where are they now? Cardiff Volunteer Award Winners: Roger Marshall

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Last year, Roger Marshall won the Volunteer Coordinator of the Year award at the Cardiff Volunteer Awards 2022!

We caught up with Roger earlier this month to ask some questions since receiving the award:

How has the Cardiff First Responder Team progressed as a Volunteer Group since winning the Award last year?

I coordinate the Welsh Ambulance Trust (WAST) First Responder Team in Cardiff. There are about 20 of us and we are drawn from all parts of the local community. The Team has grown a little since last year but most of my focus, as coordinator, has been on facilitating and encouraging the team to get out on call.  Volunteering is a habit and I try to make it easy for my colleagues to adopt it by example and by gentle chivying. I organise regular Team meetings that contain both social and training components. Our skills have been boosted this year by being able to administer big (Penthrox) and little (Paracetamol) pain relief. This is a huge step forward both professionally and in our ability to support our patients, and reflects the confidence that the Ambulance Service has in our contribution to community resilience.

What do you hope for your project and volunteering in the future?

First Responding is not really a discrete project; it is a continuing activity that contributes to our community wellbeing and it depends on our volunteers for its viability. We are extremely supported by WAST who provide equipment, uniforms, training and support.  It is a challenging role and we must work to publicise it so that recruitment is maintained. As well as attending 999 calls, we provide community training in CPR  and support the distribution of public available defibrillators.

Where do you display your 2022 Award?

CFRs work from home and so it is proudly displayed at home.

On winning the award, Roger told us:

“Consistent volunteering is hard but personally satisfying work; it was extremely encouraging to have my efforts recognised.”

Learn more about the Cardiff Volunteer Awards:
  • If you would like to know more about why Roger won Volunteer Coordinator of the Year, click here to read their story:
  • For information relating to Cardiff Volunteer Awards 2022, including the Winners and Nominees, click here:
  • Do you know a volunteer, community group or organisation worthy of recognition in the Cardiff voluntary sector? You can now nominate them for an award at:
  • Sponsorship has also opened for this year’s Cardiff Volunteer Awards to help support the annual awards ceremony through financial means with options to suit all budgets. All information can be found at:
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