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Wales Coronavirus Resilience Fund

This fund has been established to assist groups and organisations that are adapting their services and support to individuals and families, whether singly or collectively, affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Primarily, we will provide support for the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • activities that help vulnerable people who are self-isolating (the elderly, people with pre-existing medical conditions etc)
  • Ongoing needs of vulnerable people to ensure that their health and wellbeing is maintained
  • support for foodbanks and organisations working to combat hardship caused by the pandemic including child hunger
  • community response coordination• volunteer costs for those responding to the effects of the pandemic
  • additional costs of working remotely and adapting services delivered in the wider community
  • additional help as required for emotional and mental health needs and bereavement support.

Please note that we will only consider the cost of delivering the service/support for 6 months initially. You will be able to re-apply for further funding if the need still exist after September 2020.

Secondarily, and if funds allow, we will provide support to:

  • counter the loss of contract income and fundraising for organisations providing support for vulnerable groups.

Please note that applications applying for a grant to cover loss of income are being placed on a deferred list at the moment and we will re-consider them in July when we have a better understanding of how much money we have to distribute. We will be unlikely to offer funding to organisations who are holding reserves in excess of 6 months running costs.

What grants are available?

  • Grants of between £500 and £2,000 are available for groups with an annual income of up to £200,000
  • Grants of up to £5,000 are available for groups with an annual income of between £201,000 and £500,000.

Who can apply?

harities, constituted community groups, social enterprises and community/town councils running activities to support the community through the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in Wales.

Grants will only be made to groups and organisations that can evidence that they are working safely and adhering to government guidance regarding the virus.

If you are not eligible for help from this fund, you may be able to find help here.

How to apply?

All applicants must complete an application form to be considered for funding. Please click the ‘Apply Now’ button to access the application form.


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