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Project leads Dr Dan Burrow and Dr Jen Lyttleton-Smith are carrying out research on behalf of Public Health Wales to explore how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on unpaid carers, and to find out more about what sort of support they need. They are looking for unpaid carers who would like to be interviewed via video link or telephone about their experiences. This research is an opportunity for unpaid carers to have their voice heard by policy makers and those responsible for planning services as they speak out about their lives and their needs. All participants’ identities will be protected and personal information will be treated confidentially. Your views and experiences will inform future support for carers in Wales. Arrange an interview here:

This research is being carried out by members of staff in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University, on behalf of Public Health Wales, who have commissioned the project.

Project leads:  Dr Dan Burrows, tel. 029 2087 5501 / email: [email protected]
Dr Jen Lyttleton-Smith, tel. 029 2068 8722 / email: [email protected]


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Befriending scheme!
The Future of Unpaid Carers- get your voice heard!

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