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Last year, and in 2015, Three Hands produced a report all about the views of charities on employee volunteering. They conducted research that was designed to give charities an opportunity to tell businesses what really works and what doesn’t.The final report was covered on various newsletters and online news pieces and we shared it across our network of large national businesses to shape how they should work with charities. The report is still one of the most viewed pages on their website!


This year they are conducting this piece of work again and broadening it out to look at partnerships and other ways that businesses and charities work together. Including looking at how easy it is to build relationships, how much resource it takes charities to do this and what opportunities these relationships create for charities. They are also looking again at employee volunteering to understand how things have changed over the last year. They also really want to hear more from Welsh charities this year, so your experience and those of the charities you work with is invaluable. 


They are using a survey to bring together the opinions of lots of different organisations across the UK. Please complete the survey here:

NB: This survey will take about 10-15 minutes. Deadline for completion: 16th October, 2019

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