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Service Charge, Rent & Business Rates Free Office Property in Cardiff for Charities

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Can your charity make use of RENT-FREE office space in Cardiff?

Avire are working on an office space which can be used for admin/training purposes. They are open to discussing any ideas you may have.

This office is business rates, rent and service charge free. It comes with free wifi and a free £500 allowance for utilities each month. If you go over the £500 each month, you will be charged 33p per kilowatt of utilities used.

DESCRIPTION: Office spaces located in Cardiff, CF24 0ED

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Size 8,900 sq. ft. approx.

Charities only have to occupy 50% of the space though, which is only 4,450 sq. ft. approx.

The office is full accessible, with accessible toilets on the ground floor and two working lifts. It has its own kitchenette and you have full access to the ground floor communal area, which has a pool table, complimentary tea and coffee, lounge areas, tables with plug sockets and a shower room.

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There will not be parking with the office but the property has a deal with the NCP next to them. Parking is about £6 a day there, instead of the usual £12 a day.

Click here for photos of the office: PSC 301, Trafalgar House, Fitzalan Place, Cardiff, CF24 0ED.PDF

One of our clients currently has premises located in the Cardiff area that has been vacant for a while. They would now like to offer this space to Charities on a rent and business rates-free basis. We deal directly with the landlord and have researched this property to ensure it meets our strict criteria.  Leases are drawn up in-house by our legal team so there are no costs to the charity. The lease term for our properties is usually 3 years with a landlord and charity 28-day break clause in the lease.  Charities only pay for what utilities they use whilst they are the leaseholders.

Since 2008, we have worked with 100’s of local, regional and national charities in helping them secure suitable premises to run their operations.  If you, as a charity, have any other property requirements, please let us know and we will see if we can source a property for you, whether it is an office, shop, or an industrial unit, please get in touch.

If you are aware of any other charities that might benefit from rent-free space, please feel free to share this information.

Avire hope to conduct a viewing next week if you’re interested.

If you are interested, please contact Ann at [email protected]

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