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Funding opportunity: Arts & Business Cymru’s CultureStep Programme

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CultureStep is an investment programme provided by Arts and Business Cymru with funding from the Moondance Foundation. Support is aimed at encouraging businesses in Wales to invest in the arts, or to increase their current investment in the arts through providing match funding for the business investment.

CultureStep has been re-focused and simplified and its priorities are now:

  • Arts & Kids: engaging socially disadvantaged young people with the arts, making a tangible difference to the lives of some of the hardest to reach young people in Wales.
  • Arts & Older People: engaging vulnerable and disadvantaged older people with the arts, making a positive difference to their lives, offering inspiration to people who are usually isolated from family, friends and / or society.
  • Arts & Health: working with the arts to aid mental, emotional and / or physical wellbeing.
  • Arts & Environment: encouraging awareness of and demonstrating commitment to environmental issues through the arts.

All CultureStep projects must address at least one of the above priorities.

In order to help ensure the long term success of the arts in Wales, CultureStep aims to encourage sustainability of established business investment and provide incentive for new sponsors. Investment levels are dependent on the length of time the business partner has been supporting the arts in Wales, as follows:

  • If a business is in its first year of supporting the arts in Wales or hasn’t supported for five years, the maximum CultureStep investment is £1 for every £2 of business investment.
  • If a business has been supporting the arts in Wales for two years or more, the maximum CultureStep investment is £1 for every £3 of business investment.

The minimum business investment required is £1,000 for first year partners of the arts and £1,500 thereafter. The minimum CultureStep investment is £500. The maximum CultureStep investment is £5,000. However, in exceptional circumstances, the panel may consider applications for up to £10,000. Partners wishing to apply for more than £5,000 should seek permission from A&B Cymru in advance of submitting the proposal.

Application is open to businesses in Wales that:

  • are investing in the arts for the first time or have not invested in the arts in Wales in the previous five years; and
  • wish to develop an existing relationship with the arts, such as through:
    • Additional money – a significant increase in the business’ previous annual arts investment.
    • New development – addressing a business objective not previously addressed through the arts.


Find out more at

The next submission deadline is 19 June 2015.

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