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Citizens Advice Cymru’s EU ‘Citizen’s Rights Project’/ Prosiect Cynghori Hawliau Dinasyddion yr UE yng Nghymru

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(Via Citizens Advice Cymru)

Citizens Advice Cymru’s EU ‘Citizen’s Rights Project’

EU Citizens Rights service home page which includes our helpline number (0300 3309 059) and information leaflets in 5 European languages:

The EU Citizens Rights project is delivered across Wales to support EU, EAA and Swiss nationals to seek settled and pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) in the UK.

Citizens Advice Cymru have been awarded funding by the Welsh Government to deliver two services as part of the EU Citizens Rights Project: 

Generalist Advice Services: A client led provision that provides information, guidance, advice to simple settled status and pre-settled status applications (OISC Level 1) casework. Referrals to other services, including social welfare advice will be suggested where clients would benefit from further assistance in complex issues. We can also refer clients to Newfields Law who are running the contract for more complex applications at OISC Level 2 and 3 immigration advice.

Specialist Advice Services: This specialist advice will support EEA, EU and Swiss citizens to ensure they understand their workplace rights and are able to challenge exploitation, as well as working with employers to help them create compliant workplaces, which benefit all employees rather than individuals. This will include mediation and tribunal services.

The service will cover the whole of Wales until December 2020 and will be delivered through Flintshire Citizens Advice; Cardiff and Vale Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Newport. Our Citizens Advice services will be supported by outreach / engagement activities undertaken by EYST (Ethnic Youth Support Team) who have a proven track record in working with and engaging community groups and organisations supporting migrant communities, including EU Citizens. EYST will be undertaking a number of activities designed to seek out individuals and groups and encourage the use of and make referrals to the advice services on offer.


Access to advice in relation to settled status and pre-settled status is available through our Wales helpline on 0300 3309 059. Our public website also includes useful information that you may want to share with your constituents and can be found here: 

Prosiect Cynghori Hawliau Dinasyddion yr UE yng Nghymru


Hoffwn ddwyn eich sylw i’n hafan Prosiect Hawliau Dinasyddion yr UE sy’n cynnwys rhif ein ein llinell gymorth a  (0300 3309 059) a thaflenni gwybodaeth mewn 5 iaith Ewropeaidd:

Mae’r gwasanaeth yn cael ei gynnig ar draws Cymru er mwyn cefnogi gwladolion yr UE, Ardal Economaidd Ewropeaidd a’r Swistir i geisio statws preswylydd sefydlog a statws preswylydd cyn-sefydlog o dan Y Cynllun Preswylio’n Sefydlog i Ddinasyddion yr UE (EUSS) yn y DU.

Mae Cyngor ar Bopeth Cymru wedi derbyn ariannu gan Lywodraeth Cymru i ddarparu dau wasanaeth fel ran o’r Prosiect:

Gwasanaethau Cynghori Cyffredinol: Darpariaeth wedi ei arwain gan gleientiaid sy’n darparu gwybodaeth, canllaw, cyngor a gwaith achos ceisiadau statws preswylydd sefydlog a statws preswylydd cyn-sefydlog (Lefel 1 OISC) syml. Awgrymir atgyfeiriadau i wasanaethau eraill, yn cynnwys cyngor ar les cymdeithasol lle y byddai cleientiaid yn buddio o gymorth pellach mewn materion cymleth. Gallwn hefyd atgyfeirio pobl i Newfields Law sy’n rhedeg y contract ar gyfer ceisiadau mwy cymleth ar gyngor mewnfudo ar lefel 2 a 3 OISC.

Gwasanaethau Cynghori Arbenigol: Bydd y cyngor arbenigol hwn yn cynorthwyo dinasyddion yr UE, yr Ardal Economaidd Ewropeaidd a’r Swistir i ddeall eu hawliau yn y gweithle ac yn medru herio camfanteisio, yn ogystal â gweithio gyda chyflogwyr i’w cynorthwyo i greu gweithleoedd sy’n cydymffurfio sydd o fydd i bob gweithwyr yn hytrach nag unigolion. Bydd hwn yn cynnwys gwasanaethau cyfryngu a thribiwnlys.

Bydd y gwasanaeth ar gael ar draws Cymru tan Rhagfyr 2020 a bydd yn cael ei ddarparu drwy Cyngor ar Boperh Sir Fflint, Cyngor ar Bopeth Caerdydd a’r Fro a Cyngor ar Bopeth Casnewydd. Bydd ein gwasanaethau Cyngor ar Bopeth yn cael eu cefnogi gan weithgareddau allgymorth wedi ei ddarparu gan EYST (Ethnic Youth Support Team) sydd â hanes llwyddiannus o weithio ac ymwneud â grwpiau cymunedol sy’n cefnogi cymunedau o fudwyr, yn cynnwys Dinasyddion yr UE. Bydd EYST yn ymgymryd â nifer o weithgareddau wedi’u dylunio i ganfod unigolion a grwpiau ac annog defnydd o’r gwasanaethau cynghori sydd ar gael ac atgyferio iddynt.


Mae mynediad i gyngor mewn perthynas â statws preswylydd sefydlog a statws preswylydd cyn-sefydlog ar gael drwy llinell gymorth Cymru ar 0300 3309 059. Mae gan ein gwefan cyhoeddus ffynnonellau gwybodaeth defnyddiol y byddwch efallai am rannu gyda’ch etholwyr: 

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