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BAME Sector Wales – Impact of Covid-19 Report

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Dear Colleagues,

I’m very pleased to share with you our final report authored by Karl Murray on the Impact of Covid-19 on the BAME Sector in Wales. The report was launched one week ago as part of our BME Skills Conference Event with Deputy Minister and Chief Whip Jane Hutt in attendance, who welcomed its contribution to the evidence base about the  important work being undertaken by the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic voluntary and community sector in Wales.

We know that the Coronavirus Pandemic has hit Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people hard, but how has the BAME  voluntary and community sector in Wales responded? Over the summer of 2020, EYST commissioned a survey and report which aimed to find that out, working with Race Alliance Wales and University of South Wales to do so. The resulting report, authored by Karl Murray highlights the impressive innovation and resilience of the sector and identifies key challenges around sustainability for this important sector to survive and thrive.

I hope you find the report useful and welcome further discussions.

Rocio Cifuentes 🌈

Chief Executive

Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team Wales (EYST Wales)

BAME Sector Impact of Covid-19 Report – EYST

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