New Report on Experiences of BAME People in Wales finds Resilience and Belonging, despite a more hostile and racist Wales

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New Report on Experiences of BAME People in Wales finds Resilience and Belonging, despite a more hostile and racist Wales

A new report published by Leading Welsh Charity EYST Wales highlights the complex experiences of people form ethnic minority backgrounds who live in Wales.  While over half of those surveyed feel strongly part of their local community, over half – 52% have also reported experiencing abuse due to their race, religion or cultural identity.

One respondent said: ““I feel less safe now than a few years ago, current social issues such as Brexit, Trump has made the streets less welcoming for BAME people.”

In terms of access to services, overall, people rated services to be fairly accessible, however transport, language as well as negative attitudes to diversity or ‘hidden discrimination’ were also highlighted as key factors affecting access to services. Overall, experiences in education were felt to be generally positive, with around 70% feeling that they had completely or partially achieved their potential. However, this changes starkly in relation to experiences in employment where 60% feel that BAME people are not fairly treated in the workplace.


Speaking about the report, Chief Executive of EYST Wales Rocio Cifuentes said “This research illuminates the experiences of BAME people living in Wales at a time when questions of race, diversity and immigration are very much under the spotlight. Responses highlight that while there is a wide range and variety of experiences, a recurring message is one of individual resilience and sense of belonging, despite a recognisably more hostile environment and, sadly, a more racist Wales.” The report will be formally launched at EYST Wales’s Annual Race Conference to be held in the Pierhead on 19th March 2020, sponsored by Deputy Minister and Chief Whip Jane Hutt AM.


Notes to Editors

  1. The All Wales Survey for Ethnic Minority People was carried out by EYST Wales between 2018 and 2019, via the All Wales BAME Engagement Programme in order to illuminate the experiences of BAME people of Belonging and Living in Wales.  143 completed the survey from across Wales, including people living in 20 out of the 22 local authority areas in Wales, and people from a diversity of ethnic backgrounds.
  2. EYST Wales is an award-winning, beneficiary-led organisation, established since 2005, which aims to support ethnic minority people in Wales to participate, integrate and be a valued part of Wales.  We do this through delivering services which are targeted and culturally sensitive, addressing a broad range of areas including BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) young people, families, refugees & asylum-seekers and challenging racism in the wider community.  We also seek to challenge negative racial stereotypes and promote better understanding and appreciation of ethnic minorities and their contribution to Wales.
  3. Since 2017, EYST Wales has been funded by the Welsh Government to deliver the All Wales BAME Engagement Programme, engaging broadly with ethnic minority individuals and organisations across Wales, gathering evidence of need, and influencing public bodies to better meet the needs of BAME people in Wales. It is one of seven organisations, funded through the Equality and Inclusion Programme to help Welsh Government achieve the objectives in their Strategic Equality Plan.


For full report and Executive Summary see here: .


Contact the Authors:

Ginger Wiegand [email protected] 01792 466980

Rocio Cifuentes [email protected] 07971 302829






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New Report on Experiences of BAME People in Wales finds Resilience and Belonging, despite a more hostile and racist Wales
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