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Mission Commission: what is commissioning and why is it relevant to you?

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Commissioning is the process whereby public organisations decide how to spend their money on services for local people.  commissioning diagram

The commissioning process begins with assessing local people’s needs and estimating the likely future demands on services.

The information gathered at this stage will then be used to develop a Commissioning plan.

Securing Services
This will then be used to invite organisations to bid to deliver identified services and to assess their capacity and capability to do this to set standards. Organisations successful in this process will be asked to enter into legal contracts the deliver the specified services.

Once the winning organisation has been selected and the contract has been awarded, the organisation responsible for commissioning will continue to pay close attention, gathering monitoring information to keep track of progress and ensure that the quality of service delivery is high.

This information will then be analysed and reviewed and any findings will feed into the planning for future service delivery.

Understanding the commissioning process is vitally important for third sector organisations who are interested in delivering public services, and particularly to those with an interest in aspects of health and social care.

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