Good Governance

We can help with due diligence and organisational health checks: Develop appropriate policies, review governance and staff structures, training and implement best practice

We are here to help your organisation form, grow and thrive.

We can provide provide a suite of support for Trustees to share and develop good governance and financial management practices – along with advice, training and practical support.

In this section:

  • Trustee and Board Development – (Poss link thru to next page?)
  • Organisational Development and Performance – (Poss link thru to next page?)
  • Leadership and Quality – (Poss link thru to next page?)
  • HR Policies and Practices – (Poss link thru to next page?)
  • Financial Management
  • Event Management and Engagement – (Poss link thru to next page?)
  • Communications – (Poss link thru to next page?)


To find out more, contact your local Third Sector Development Officer (hyperlink), phone number.


Quick Resources (hyperlinks):

  • Four Pillars governance guides etc
  • Other hyperlinks with resources on Governance
  • C3SC Trustee Network
  • C3SC training
  • C3SC Office Support Services
  • Become a C3SC Member
  • Volunteering Wales Portal

Accessible information

Provide practical assistance and accessible information, advice and tools to enable members to operate legally and effectively and implement good governance and Financial Management practice


Encourage a minimum standard of leadership quality across the third sector – signpost organisations to relevant quality standards and support them to work towards continuous improvement

Promote opportunities

Hold events – celebratory, trustee matching – providing opportunities for collaboration, peer support and innovation, and to raise awareness of the opportunities, value and contribution trustees make to Cardiff society


Increase the number of trustees from all age groups, backgrounds and neighbourhoods of Cardiff, especially for people who are from the most disadvantaged and under-represented areas and groups

Current context

Informal feedback suggests the need to promote trusteeship as a volunteering option – many people do not self-identify as being able to make a contribution, particularly those from less traditional backgrounds and population groups

Effective governance is a frequent feature when diagnosing concerns and developing solutions across the range of enquiries we receive

Trusteeship is becoming more complex, both due to the challenging operating environment in the picture of political and economic instability and uncertainty, and increasing legislative requirements

Funding pressures on local organisations whilst increasing demand on services, also necessitate new ways of working – such as commissioning, trading, collaboration and partnership

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